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The digital Mercedes-Benz rescue assistants.

Find rescue sheets
Find your rescue sheet by entering the 17-digit FIN, using the filters or by scanning the QR code on the rescue sticker. More information, e.g. about our rescue sticker, can be found further down on this page.
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Scan the QR code.

Please point the camera at the QR code (on the B pillar or fuel tank cap). The data will be automatically loaded as soon as the code has been detected.

In use with immediate effect

The digital Mercedes-Benz rescue assistants.

The best information for the quickest possible rescue.

In order to provide the best possible support for rescue personnel at the site of an accident, Mercedes-Benz has developed its own digital rescue assistants. They provide clarity about all safety-related details for the vehicle in case of emergency – and thus offer life-saving benefits in seconds.

All that ensures the best information and saves valuable time when every second counts in an emergency.

Rescue personnel can find comprehensive information about our vehicles and their safety systems in our guidelines.

The Mercedes-Benz rescue assistants now also as a PWA.

The PWA (progressive web app) provides you with useful additional functions such as offline access to vehicle-specific rescue sheets and convenient access to all of the contents of the digital rescue assistants via the home screen.
You can find more information about the benefits of a PWA and how you can take advantage of it here:

Discover now

Rescue sheet

We set new standards when it comes to safety: the Mercedes-Benz rescue sheets contain all of the vehicle-specific drawings with all relevant information for rescue. This helps to give rescue personnel perspective for decisions – and provides a quicker rescue for occupants in the vehicle.

The rescue sheet is internationally recognised. It has been developed by ADAC and VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) and facilitates the rescue of accident victims from a vehicle. It contains vehicle-specific drawings with all relevant information for rescue: model, class and year of manufacture, particularities of the bodywork and construction details, location of the airbags and battery, and specific information about alternative drive types.

Reliable protection systems are without a doubt some of the most important equipment in modern vehicles. In case of emergency, however, they present a major challenge for rescue personnel. If occupants are trapped in the vehicle following an accident, then they first have to clarify: where can rescue shears and spreaders be positioned? Where are airbags which have not yet triggered, tanks or electrical cables which may pose a risk to the rescuers and occupants located? The rescue sheet provides this information and therefore saves life-saving time during the rescue.

You can get your rescue sheet directly from this page. Simply select the vehicle type, model and class – and the specific rescue sheet is available immediately for you to download.

Rescue sticker

The Mercedes-Benz rescue sticker: a contribution to your safety. Available for all Mercedes-Benz and smart cars with a year of manufacture since 1990.

The rescue sticker from Mercedes-Benz.

Having the right rescue sheet quickly to hand is essential in case of emergency. To this end, Mercedes-Benz is the first automobile manufacturer to have developed the rescue sticker with QR code. The stickers are adhered to the inside of the fuel filler cap and the opposite B pillar – two points on the vehicle which have been statistically proven to remain almost undamaged in most accidents. When emergency services personnel scan the QR code on the sticker, they can access the appropriate rescue sheet for the vehicle in question directly on a tablet or even a smartphone.

Two stickers with a QR code are applied in every new vehicle from Mercedes-Benz car, van, Fuso and smart – on the inside of the fuel filler cap and the opposite B pillar.

They clearly identify the vehicle, make basic information about the vehicle visible immediately – and automatically forward you to the right website with the vehicle-specific rescue sheet.

This information can be life-saving, because every movement must be correct in an emergency and every second is precious when rescuing people at the site of an accident.

Retrofit now free of charge!

Older vehicles with a year of manufacture since 1990 can be retrofitted very easily. Find your Mercedes-Benz partner – and get your rescue sticker.

Search for a service partner

“On every vehicle, there are certain areas which we cannot cut without putting the occupants or ourselves at risk. That’s why you have to be able to access this vital information from the outside as well. We save valuable time on site as a result. Often, every second counts – and any assistance is valuable.”

Oliver H., firefighter. In an interview with Mercedes-Benz about the new rescue sticker.


Rescue personnel can find comprehensive information about our vehicles and their safety systems in our guidelines.


Get in touch with us.

For your questions and suggestions regarding the digital Mercedes-Benz rescue assistants, please contact: