An unbeatable pairing: The Rescue Card and the Mercedes-Benz Rescue Sticker.

True to our motto “The best or nothing.” we have set ourselves the greatest expectations in terms of driving safety too. This is why we tirelessly research and develop in order to approach our grand vision of accident-free driving.
The Rescue Sticker with QR code is our latest contribution towards your safety: It ensures that rescue crews have even quicker access to the Rescue Cards, saving time and lives in an emergency.

Well prepared in case of emergency

The Rescue Card for rescue crews.

The Rescue Card is internationally recognized. With it, the German automobile club ADAC and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) have developed an important tool which facilitates the rescue of accident victims from vehicles. It contains vehicle-specific diagrams with all the information relevant for rescue crews: the model, model series and year of manufacture, special features of the body and design details, the locations of the airbags and the battery, plus specific information on the alternative drive systems.

Reliable safety and protection systems are doubtless some of the most important items of equipment in modern vehicles. However, in an emergency, they can pose a great challenge to rescue crews. If any occupants are trapped in the vehicle after an accident, the rescue crew must first ascertain: Where can rescue shears and spreaders be used? Where are there any undeployed airbags, fuel tanks or electrical lines which could endanger the rescuers or the occupants? The Rescue Card provides this information, thus saving valuable time and lives during the rescue work.

You can obtain your Rescue Card directly from this page. Simply select the type of vehicle, the model series and the model – and the specific Rescue Card will be immediately available to download.
It is even easier with the Mercedes-Benz Rescue Sticker.

For your personal safety

You can find the correct Rescue Card here.

First select the type of vehicle and then the model, and confirm your entries. You will be taken directly to the appropriate Rescue Card.

  1. 1 Vehicle type
  2. 2 Model series & model

Assists rescue crews by providing vehicle-specific rescue information.

Can save valuable time during a rescue operation.

Can reduce the risks for the occupants and rescue personnel.

For the quick and safe rescue of the vehicle’s occupants.

Affixed inside the fuel filler door and on the opposite B-pillar.

Easily retrofitted, even on older vehicle models.

Our latest contribution towards your safety

The Rescue Sticker from Mercedes-Benz.

In an emergency it is vital to have the correct Rescue Card to hand quickly. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz was the first automotive manufacturer to develop the Rescue Sticker with QR code. The QR codes are affixed to the inside of the fuel filler door and on the B-pillar on the opposite side. Rescue crews can scan the QR code using a smartphone or tablet for immediate access to the matching Rescue Card. This saves valuable time.

  • Every new vehicle from Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans, Fuso and smart features two adhesive labels with QR codes on them.

  • These accurately identify the vehicle, immediately provide important information about the vehicle and automatically link to the correct website with the vehicle-specific Rescue Card.

  • This knowledge can save lives because, in an emergency, every action must be the right one and every second counts.

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Retrofit now free of charge.

Stickers can be easily retrofitted on all vehicles manufactured from 1990 onwards. Find your local Mercedes-Benz partner now and obtain your Rescue Sticker.

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Download Rescue Assist App.

Simply download the Rescue Assist App for Rescue Stickers and use the QR scanner to access all the digital Rescue Cards of Mercedes-Benz.