On the job right now

The digital Mercedes-Benz rescue assistants.

On the job right now

The digital Mercedes-Benz rescue assistants.

Understanding the situation correctly for the fastest possible rescue.

Mercedes-Benz has developed its own digital rescue assistants in order to provide rescue crews with the best possible assistance at the scene of an accident. In an emergency, they provide clarity on all of the safety-related aspects of the vehicle – and thus provide life-saving assistance within seconds.

Die Digitalen Mercedes-Benz Rettungshelfer spielen perfekt zusammen: Der Rettungs-Sticker mit QR-Code verweist direkt auf die richtige Rettungskarte pro Fahrzeug. Die Rescue Assist App für Smartphones und Tablets enthält neben den Rettungskarten auch dreidimensionale Ansichten des Fahrzeugs – nun auch offline, falls am Unfallort kein Mobilnetz zur Verfügung steht.

All of this helps to ensure a clear understanding of the situation and saves valuable time in an emergency – when every second counts.

The Rescue Sticker

The Mercedes-Benz Rescue Sticker: Contributing to your safety. Available for all Mercedes-Benz and smart passenger cars manufactured from 1990.

The Rescue Sticker from Mercedes-Benz.

In an emergency it is vital to have the correct Rescue Card to hand quickly. This is why Mercedes-Benz was the first automotive manufacturer to develop the Rescue Sticker with QR code. The stickers are applied to the inside of the fuel filler flap and to the opposite B-pillar – two points of the vehicle which, according to statistics, remain largely undamaged in most accidents. Rescue crews scan the QR code on the sticker and can then directly access the right Rescue Card for the particular vehicle on their tablet or smartphone.

Every new vehicle from Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans, Fuso and smart features two adhesive labels with QR codes on them - on the inside of the fuel filler flap and on the opposite B-pillar.

These accurately identify the vehicle, immediately provide important information about the vehicle and automatically link to the correct website with the vehicle-specific Rescue Card.

This information can save lives because, in an emergency, every action must be the right one and every second counts when rescuing people at the scene of an accident.

„Every vehicle has certain areas which we can't cut through without exposing the occupants or ourselves to risk. That's why we need access to this life-saving information from outside the vehicle. It saves us valuable time at the scene. Often, every second counts - and any extra assistance is precious.“

Oliver H., Fire Fighter. Speaking to Mercedes-Benz about the new Rescue Sticker.

Rescue Assist App

Quick and accurate assistance thanks to the new app for tablets and smartphones: In an emergency, rescue crews can directly access the right Rescue Card for the vehicle. The latest 3D views in virtual or augmented reality mode also give rescue crews a crucial understanding of the situation extremely quickly. You can obtain the Rescue Assist App free of charge here:

The Mercedes-BenzRescue Assist App

The Mercedes-BenzRescue Assist App provides important information quickly: Just scan the relevant QR code with the camera of a smartphone or tablet or select the vehicle via the selection menu of the app. The right Rescue Card then appears immediately. The Mercedes-BenzRescue Assist App contains all safety-related components such as the airbags, batteries, electrical and fuel lines as well as the tanks for fuel, oil and gas. On electric and hybrid vehicles, all high-voltage components are also clearly indicated.

Tablet view in VR mode

Active online and offline - Always up-to-date

Another benefit of the Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist App is offline availability of all of the data it contains. After downloading and installing the app, no Internet access is needed to use it. If your smartphone or tablet with the app is connected to a wireless network and new rescue card data is available, the app data is updated automatically. This app is available in 24 languages for iOS and Android devices.

Tablet view in AR mode

The Rescue Card

We are setting new standards when it comes to safety: The Mercedes-Benz Rescue Cards contain all vehicle-specific diagrams with all rescue-related information. This gives rescue crews a crucial understanding of the situation - and speeds up the rescue of the vehicle occupants.

The Rescue Card is internationally recognized. It was developed by the ADAC (German Automobile Association) and VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) and facilitates the rescue of accident victims from a vehicle. It contains vehicle-specific diagrams with all the information relevant for rescue crews: the model, model series and year of manufacture, special features of the body and design details, the locations of the airbags and the battery, plus specific information on the alternative drive systems.

Reliable safety and protection systems are doubtless some of the most important items of equipment in modern vehicles. However, in an emergency, they can pose a great challenge to rescue crews. If any occupants are trapped in the vehicle after an accident, the rescue crew must first ascertain: Where can rescue shears and spreaders be used? Where are there any undeployed airbags, fuel tanks or electrical lines which could endanger the rescuers or the occupants? The Rescue Card provides this information, thus saving valuable time and lives during the rescue work.

You can obtain your Rescue Card directly from this page. Simply select the type of vehicle, the model and the model series – and the specific Rescue Card will be immediately available to download.

You can find the correct Rescue Card here.

Select your vehicle here and you will be taken directly to the appropriate Rescue Card.