smart fortwo coupé electric drive model 453

as of 2017

  • 12 V Battery, Left-hand drive

  • 12 V Battery, Right-hand drive

  • High-voltage battery

  • High-voltage disconnect device

  • High-voltage charge socket


Switch off the ignition before operating the high-voltage disconnect device.


  • Airbag

  • Gas generator

  • Seat belt tensioner

  • Gas-filled strut

  • Restraint systems control unit

  • 12 V Battery

  • High-voltage battery

  • High-voltage components

  • High-voltage disconnect device

Vehicle identification

  • HV charge socket ECE

  • HV charge socket USA/Canada

  • Left/right B-pillar

  • High-voltage battery state of charge (SOC) and power flow display device

  • Left of liftgate

High-voltage disconnect device

The high-voltage disconnect device is located on the underside of the high-voltage battery on the right at the rear.

Open lock (1) on connector (2) / Unplug connector (2) from high-voltage battery