Canter Eco Hybrid model 468

as of 2013


    • Airbag

    • Seat belt tensioner

    • Fuel tank

    • Restraint systems control unit

    • 12 V Battery

    • High-voltage battery

    • High-voltage components

    • High-voltage disconnect device

    Vehicle identification

    • Front panel lower section

    • Front panel upper section

    • Side panel


    Danger from electrical voltage
    If you commence rescue work before waiting for the capacitor to discharge, there is a danger of electric shock which could result in severe or fatal injuries.
    Before commencing rescue work, wait for at least one minute after deactivating the hybrid system and switching off the highvoltage circuit in order to discharge the capacitor in the voltage converter.

    Shutting down the high-voltage system

    The high-voltage system can be shut down in three ways:

    1. Switching off the ignition.

    2. Pressing the EMERGENCY OFF button.

    3. Operating the high-voltage disconnect device.

    1. Switching off the ignition

    • To switch off the ignition, turn the ignition key to the ACC position (A)

    • Turn the ignition key further to the LOCK position (B) and remove it.

    2. Pressing the EMERGENCY OFF button

    The EMERGENCY OFF button is located in the cutout in the side panel of the high-voltage battery.

    • Press the EMERGENCY OFF button

    3. Operating the high-voltage disconnect device

    The high-voltage disconnect device (safety plug) is located on the right-hand side of the high-voltage battery.

    • Unscrew the 6 bolts (M8) and remove the side panel (1).

    • Unscrew the 12 bolts (M6) and remove the cover (3) of the safety plug (4).

    • Push the retainer (5) of the locking lever (6) to the left (arrow).

    • Flip the locking lever (6) outwards.

    • Pull the safety plug (4) out of the holder; it is now certain that the high-voltage circuit in the battery is interrupted.

    • Reattach the cover (3) with 4 bolts in order to prevent the high-voltage system from being switched back on.