B-Class F-CELL Tourer model 245

as of 2010

  • Battery 12 V

  • High-voltage battery

  • Hydrogen tank

  • High-voltage disconnect device


  • Airbag

  • Gas generator

  • Seat belt tensioner

  • Gas-filled strut

  • Fuel tank

  • Restraint systems control unit

  • 12 V Battery

  • High-voltage battery

  • High-voltage components

  • High-voltage disconnect device

High-voltage system

All high-voltage components are marked with an appropriate warning label. High-voltage lines are orange.

High-voltage warning label

Hydrogen system

Hydrogen components are marked with an appropriate warning label, as are the two hydrogen lines between the fuel cell and the anode module.

Hydrogen warning label

High-voltage disconnect device

The high-voltage disconnect device is located on the top of the refrigerant compressor (3) in the engine compartment on the left side.

Pull up retaining ring (1) / Unplug connector (2)

Vehicle identification

  • Hydrogen (H2) filler neck

  • Right of liftgate